The Journey Begins

Hello my beautiful people and thank you for joining my blog community.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

I’ve finally made up my mind and decided to post my very first blog post.

I never was much of a writer, I didn’t even write blog posts in my teenage years when it was considered a ritual for the cool kids. So don’t expect too much from me and my abilities to express my thoughts in a professional manner.  All I can give you  is my truth, my experiences, the way I feel about things I like to talk about and the world seen from my perspective – it’s like in the new Sam Smith song – “I make no promises, I can’t do golden rings, but I’ll give you everything.”  

-“Tonight!” 😀

Hope I managed to give you a little earworm for the rest of the day. I wish you all a wonderful day (or night) and please, do continue participating in this venture!

And feel free to comment, ask questions or just say hi!

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